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Add a student to a networked printer

LITS provides access to College-owned printers for student employees.

Alumnae/i access to the library's electronic resources

In collaboration with the Alumnae Association, LITS continues to support the research of undergraduate and graduate alumnae/i through life-time access to JSTOR, library borrowing privileges, and access to Mango Languages.


Backup & recovery services

In some cases, it is possible to restore files that were recently removed from the College's network file storage.

BiONiC / PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

BiONiC / PeopleSoft Campus Solutions application sign on and support information

Blended Learning

We can help you find and/or develop interactive digital learning materials and integrate them into courses or programs in ways that enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.

Borrow a Canaday Library laptop

Come to Canaday to borrow a laptop from the Help Desk.

Borrow a faculty/staff laptop or iPad

LITS has a limited number of laptops and iPads available to lend to faculty and staff.

Borrow multimedia equipment

LITS lends digital cameras, optical drives, camcorders, webcams, portable dvd players, and more to Bryn Mawr faculty, staff, and students.

Borrow Tri-Co library items

Bryn Mawr, Haverford and Swarthmore (Tri-College) libraries loan and provide access to millions of items. Tri-College faculty, staff and students can check out items from any Tri-College library Circulation Desk.

Borrowing books and articles beyond the Tri-Co

Bryn Mawr faculty, staff and students may use E-ZBorrow or Interlibrary Loan to borrow materials that are not available from Bryn Mawr, Haverford or Swarthmore libraries.

Borrowing Privileges

Alumnae/i of Bryn Mawr College's undergraduate and graduate programs who are in good standing with the library may request borrowing privileges at no cost. Professors may request proxy and projectionist cards when needed.

Bryn Mawr Blogs (Wordpress)

Web Services works with members of the community to create and maintain blogs for courses, organizations, and individuals.


Carrels for student use: Canaday

A limited number of carrels are available in Canaday for student use.

Carrels for student use: Carpenter

​​​​​​​Carpenter has a limited number of carrels for graduate students and seniors majoring in classics, cities, archaeology and history of art.

Change your College Password

Reset and manage your College password online or by contacting the Help Desk.

Citations managers for building bibliographies

Get help with keeping citations organized and formatting bibliographies.

Class and meeting room technologies

LITS provides and supports all classroom technologies. Multimedia Services provides information to help you meet your usage requirements, and will coordinate procurement and delivery of equipment.

Classroom Response/Audience Polling Systems

Bryn Mawr faculty, students and staff have access to a number of classroom response/polling systems (aka "clicker" systems) that allow speakers to get real-time anonymous or identified feedback from an audience in real time.

Collaborate with LITS

LITS staff are available to consult and partner with members of the Bryn Mawr College community on a wide variety of information and technology work.

Collection Development (Request a Purchase)

Bryn Mawr faculty, staff and students may request additions to the library collection.

Compromised accounts

Report suspicious activity with your Bryn Mawr account immediately.

Computer help (College-owned computers)

LITS provides support for many computer hardware issues. If your College-owned computer is not working the way you expect it to, contact us.

Computer help (personally-owned computers)

Help Desk support for computers owned by current Bryn Mawr College faculty, staff, and students is available for a number of issues, including connectivity to the Bryn Mawr College network and some basic troubleshooting. Support availability is subject to the availability of Help Desk staff.

Computer Replacement

If your College-owned computer is due for replacement, request a new computer here.

Consult with LITS staff on planning a technology class

Do you have a skill to share, or do you want to plan a technology education class for your department or the College community? Partner with LITS staff to design and implement a technology education class.

Copyright Questions

Course Reserves: Faculty Requests for In-Library Materials

The libraries keep course materials behind the circulation desk for short-term access. Faculty may request in-library reserves at one of Bryn Mawr's three libraries.

Course Reserves: Student Access

The libraries keep course materials behind the circulation desk for short-term access. Electronic reserves are available in Moodle.

Create an online journal or conference website

Use the College's open access repository to host an electronic journal or a conference website.

Creating Bryn Mawr College websites

Consult with Web Services to create and/or edit Bryn Mawr College web pages.

Cultural and historical collections

Consult with LITS staff and use the College's extensive collections of art, cultural artifacts, rare books & manuscripts.

Custom research guides for courses or assignments

A Bryn Mawr librarian can create a web page linking the best discipline-specific resources for assignments in your courses. This guide can also be linked to your course site in Moodle.


Data Integration

Get help integrating data into the College web site.

Designing a new web site

Get help with new web site projects.

Designing and Supporting Digital Assignments

We can help you incorporate technology into digital course assignments and identify technologies to address pedagogical and curricular challenges and goals.

Digital Bryn Mawr Grants

LITS invites Bryn Mawr faculty, staff, and graduate students to apply for seed grants to support digital teaching, learning, or research activities—broadly construed.

Digital collections

Digital Collections at Bryn Mawr College feature historic materials such as digitized photographs, maps, newspapers, letters, reports, books, manuscripts, and other media from Special Collections and Visual Resources.

Digital Media and Collaboration Lab

Students, faculty and staff can use the space. It can be reserved for classroom use by faculty and staff.

Digital Scholarship Support

Integrate a broad array of digital methods into your research and your students’ research.

Dispose of tech trash

LITS provides a tech trash disposal service for computers and related hardware - don't throw it away!

Domain of One's Own

Domain of One's Own provides Bryn Mawr College students, faculty, and staff with an Internet domain where they can build their own websites using tools like WordPress, Omeka, Scalar or MediaWiki.


Electronic resources

Use Tripod to search Tri-College library resources. Millions of items are available electronically or in print at one or more Tri-College library.

Email distribution groups

Use an email distribution group if you need people to be able to email a "non-person" address to reach one or more individuals.


Consult with LITS staff on mounting exhibitions on campus. Learn more about current and past displays, including online exhibitions.


Financial Edge

Many Bryn Mawr College employees use the Financial Edge system for accounts payable, cash receipts, Investments, budgets, grants, conference services, reporting, and more.

Fines and bills

Library materials in high demand or borrowed from a library beyond the Tri-Colleges may be subject to overdue fines and replacement costs.

Friends of the Library

Join Friends of the Library for an opportunity to contribute to the life of the Library and the College.


Get help with multimedia equipment during a class, meeting or event

LITS supports several rooms on campus that are equipped with video data projection, slide projection, sound system and environmental control systems.

Give Items to the Library

We are grateful to the alumnae/i and friends of Bryn Mawr College who have generously donated resources to the Libraries

Guest Access to Wireless

Visitors to campus may request temporary access to campus wireless.


History and historical records of Bryn Mawr College

Consult with LITS staff on the preservation and use of the College's historical records.

History of womens education

Special Collections holds extensive physical collections on the history of women's education and hosts two important digital repositories of historic documents.


Image editing

Use software and scanners in Canaday, Carpenter and Collier libraries for image and video editing; visit the Digital Media Collaboration Lab in Carpenter for hands-on help.

Images of objects from the Art & Artifact Collection

Use TriArte to View over 30,000 objects from the Art & Artifact Collections, plus objects from Haverford and Swarthmore Colleges.

Individual Computer Provisioning and Replacement

Queries regarding an individual's primary College computer (previously "Cascade")

Information literacy & library instruction

A librarian can work with you to develop instruction sessions and/or research assignments for your courses as well as an information literacy plan for the major.

In-process Book and DVD requests

Library items that are being processed and are not yet on the shelf can usually be expedited by request.

Install, move, or remove a College-owned computer

LITS maintains the Campus' computer replacement program, which provides one computer or appropriate access to a computer for each employee with a work-related need. We install, move, and remove College-owned computers by request - please do not move them on your own.


Journal Article Alerts

Set up alerts to receive email notifications when new articles are published in your areas of interest.


Lab computer logins for visitors

For quick web access, there are web-only kiosks in each library and the Campus Center. To log into a computer, visitors can visit the Help Desk to receive a guest username and password for use on campus.

Library Help

How to get help in the library.

LITS Website and Service Catalog Feedback

Suggest a revision to the LITS Website or this Service Catalog.


Map data geographically

LITS provides Information about digital mapping tools and ways to learn more about them.

Missing library items

Did you look something up in Tripod only to go to the shelf and find that it's not there? We're here to help!

Mobile device help

LITS offers limited help with mobile devices.


Moodle is Bryn Mawr's Learning Management System (LMS). It can be used to share materials with, quiz, survey and communicate with any closed-membership group. Sites are available for all academic courses and for student, faculty and staff committees and organizations.

Moodle: Copy Content into a New Course

Copying content from older Moodle course sites into a newer ones enables Teachers to reuse course Activities, Resources, and Question Banks.

Moodle: Merged Site for Multi-Section Course

By default, Bionic creates a Moodle course shell for each section of course. A Teacher using the same materials and assignments in multiple sections can request or create a single "merged" course which includes all students from those sections.

Moodle: New Non-Academic Course

Request a non-academic course site in Moodle for a club, committee, or organization.


Network file storage

Bryn Mawr faculty, staff and students may access, share and store files on the College's network.

Network port installation or activation

Connect to the wired network in a campus building or office.



OnBase Support

Open Access and Scholarly Communications

Publications are made available through Bryn Mawr's open access repository, Scholarship, Research, and Creative Work at Bryn Mawr College.


PeopleSoft Human Capital Management

PeopleSoft Human Capital Management sign on and support information

Phone Number Request

Use the College phone system to make on- and off-campus calls.

Phone or Extension Change Request

Bryn Mawr faculty and staff can request configuration changes to office and department phone numbers and functionality.

Preservation of cultural material

Consult with LITS staff about the preservation of cultural material, both physical objects and digital objects.

Printing to network printers from a personal computer

Community members may add lab printers to a personal computer.

Propose a LITS Project

Propose a library or information technology project.

Purchase technology equipment

LITS purchases computers for community members with department, grant, or research funds and provides access to discounts for buying personal computers.


Qualtrics survey software

LITS provides Qualtrics survey software for academic purposes.

Quantitative and qualitative data analysis

LITS offers consultative support for a wide range of quantitative and qualitative data analysis needs and methodologies.


Recording Lectures, Talks or Instructional Video

LITS offers a range of options for recording lectures, talks, and instructional video, including the Panopto lecture capture system for recording in classrooms, a recording equipment loan pool and editing software.

Reproductions of items from the collection

Request an archival reproduction of an item from the Bryn Mawr College collection.

Request a group orientation to LITS services

Do you work with a group of community members who would benefit from an orientation to LITS services? Partner with a LITS staff member to plan a session.

Request a Listserv

Request an email listserv (also sometimes known as a mailing list)

Request a New Team

Request a new Microsoft Team.

Request a Security Token

Many of the College's online services require clients to provide a second factor of authentication (in addition to username and password) at login. A Security Token generates a one-time password that can be used as this second factor. Request one here.

Request a username change

In specific instances, username change requests will be considered. LITS does not accept requests for specific usernames.

Request Account Access and Changes

Your College username and password can give you access to a variety of services. Supervisors may request additional access for departmental employees as needed.

Request help with email or calendar

Bryn Mawr faculty, staff and students may access their College email from a computer or mobile device using a web browser or the device's native email application.

Request multimedia equipment for a class, meeting or event

Reserve technology as part of a class, meeting or event at Bryn Mawr College.

Research guides

Use Tri-College Libraries Research Guides when beginning your research, to learn more about research tools and methods, and for guides specifically tailored to academic courses.

Returning library items

Tri-College library materials may be returned to any Bryn Mawr, Haverford, or Swarthmore College library.

Rights and Reproductions Services

Digital reproductions of materials in the collection are offered for research, publication, and, where possible, commercial use.


Slate for Admissions

Slate for Admissions application sign-on and support information

Special collections materials for courses

Consult with LITS staff on using artworks, cultural artifacts, rare books and manuscripts in class sessions or for course projects.

Streaming video

Bryn Mawr College subscribes to a wide variety of streaming video services and provides help with their use.


Technology contracts

Make an appointment with a LITS staff member prior to technology-related contracts, agreements, and purchases.

Technology education resources

LITS staff provide consultation and referrals to internal and external resources to meet your technology learning goals.

Technology Help

Ask the Help Desk!

Technology purchasing consultations

Initiate a conversation with a LITS staff member prior to a technology purchase for advice, quotes, or learning about how your purchase will be supported.


Services related to teleconferencing, or phone calls involving more than two parties.

Thesis Submissions

Undergraduate and graduate students in the Classics department should use this form to submit their theses to be archived in the TriCollege institutional repository.

Third-party web services consultation

LITS staff provide consultation for departments regarding third-party web services, including evaluating technical needs and vendor support.


Unlock your account

College accounts lock after too many failed login attempts. They unlock automatically after 10 minutes.

Using technology at Bryn Mawr

Request an appointment with a LITS staff member.


Video and audio editing and equipment

LITS offers a range of software and hardware that can be used for editing audio and video files you've created or making audio and video clips to use in a course.

Video conferencing

LITS provides support for high-quality, point-to-point video-conference calls through a dedicated Internet connection.


Use the voicemail system to check and manage messages.


Web conferencing

LITS provides support for flexible and inexpensive forms of teleconferencing in which video and voice are transmitted over the Internet.

Web forms

Get help collecting data using web forms.