Backup & recovery services


To provide the highest level of protection for our digital assets, nightly backups are made of all centrally hosted network file storage. Once captured, files are retained for 30 days. Files contained in the backup archive can be restored upon request if they can be identified by location and name.

It is not always possible to restore every file.  Some ancillary systems are not backed up by the enterprise system. There will always be some files (such as those that are left open, or are deleted the same day they were created) that will not be captured. If you do not know the name, location, and approximate date of deletion, we may not be able to locate your file.  Additionally, any files deleted more than 29 days in the past will not be retained and cannot be recovered.

Getting Started

Visit or contact the Help Desk to request Bryn Mawr faculty, staff and students may request that files removed from the College's network file storage be restored.


Visit or contact the Help Desk with questions.


File recoveries for individuals can be time consuming and cannot always be prioritized ahead of other work.  If you do request a file restore, we will do our best to restore it for you in a timely fashion, but please do not expect your file(s) will be returned the same day.


Requests will be reviewed and restores granted on a case-by-case basis.

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