Lab computer logins for visitors


Visitors are welcome to use any public computer on campus. If you will be bringing a group to campus and will need more than one or two visitor accounts, please contact the Help Desk as early as possible to request multiple accounts.

Getting Started

  • For quick web access, there are web-only kiosks in each library and the Campus Center.
  • To log into a computer, visitors can visit the Help Desk to receive a guest username and password for use on campus. The account will expire after two weeks. 
  • Classroom computers all have a Presenter login; information and instructions are posted by each classroom computer.


Visit or contact the Help Desk with questions: 610-526-7440,, Canaday first floor.

Preparing to Host a Visitor on Campus


Guest credentials are available during Help Desk open hours.  Visitors will be asked to provide contact information and may be asked to present photo identification.


Acceptable Use Policy

Request Service


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