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Carpenter Library has 101 carrels for use by graduate students and undergraduate seniors majoring in classics, cities, archaeology, and history of art. Due to the limited number of carrels, undergraduates are required to share carrels. Carrels are assigned by lottery. You do not get to choose your carrel. As of October 1, any unassigned carrels may be requested by non-Carpenter majors and graduate students.

Getting Started

To request a carrel, please complete the carrel request form. Contact Laura Surtees with questions.


Visit or contact the Carpenter Circulation Desk. Contact Laura Surtees with questions.


Carrel assignments are for the academic year.


You must check out all materials to your carrel at the circulation desk using your yellow carrel card. Never leave books at your carrel that have not been checked out. Books checked out to your carrel are NOT permitted to leave the library. Only Carpenter materials can be checked out to carrels. Materials from other libraries must be checked out to your personal account and not to your carrel. Failure to abide by the carrel agreement or any abuse of your carrel or carrel agreement may result in the loss of carrel privileges. 

Do not leave anything valuable at your carrel. The Library is not responsible for personal items left at the carrel.  Please make sure all items left at the carrel are stored neatly and off the floor. Do not use masking tape, thumb tacks, or anything that would permanently mar carrel surfaces.  Beverages are permitted but must be in spill-proof cups or bottles. Do not bring any food into the library.

If you are planning to be away from the area for more than 3 weeks, return all materials before leaving.  If a carrel is no longer needed, please notify the librarians so we can reassign it. Consistently unused carrels may be reassigned. Graduate students should empty their carrels if they are away over the summer.

Once you've been assigned a carrel, you must read the terms of use and fill out the carrel agreement form.



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