Video conferencing


LITS supports high-end video-conferencing with parties that have similar platforms via a dedicated Internet connection. This type of video call is generally more stable and provides better image quality than web-conferencing solutions like Skype or Google Hangouts.

All parties must have an H323 compliant system set up and connections must be made and tested by skilled technicians. 

If the people you are communicating with do not have such equipment, or flexibility is more important than video quality, consider web-conferencing with Skype for Business instead.

Getting Started

LITS will set up and troubleshoot video conferencing calls with their counterparts at other institutions. Please note that advance notice is needed for both parties to test and adjust the connections, and that time differences can make coordination tricky. Contact us well in advance of any planned events.

Contact Multimeda Services, or 610-526-7449 for more information. 


Contact Multimeda Services, or 610-526-7449.


Bryn Mawr College's H323 video-conferencing equipment is located in Dalton 300 which must be reserved via Conferences and Events.

Support is available as staffing allows; contact us well in advance of any planned events.

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