Network file storage


LITS provides centrally hosted network file storage to current students, faculty and staff for academic and/or business files.

Network file storage includes:

  • Home (H: or - for personal files
  • Storage (S: or - for shared files
  • PeopleSoft (P: and/or Q:) - for files related to PeopleSoft and Financial Edge

The central file storage service is protected by multiple layers of redundancy, including redundant power, cooling, network connections, servers, and entire storage systems. Centrally stored files are available from multiple locations on- and off-campus with a significantly higher level of availability than locally stored files (such as those stored on your computer’s hard drive, Desktop, My Documents, etc.)

Files deleted from central storage are deleted immediately. There is no trash can, recycle bin, or undo.

LITS maintains an enterprise backup system for all that creates regular archives of central storage as an additional level of disaster preparedness. LITS has limited ability to restore individual files and folders; please be cautious when moving and deleting files.

Please note:  while LITS also offers and supports OneDrive for Business, that service is maintained entirely by Microsoft.  Microsoft maintains separate policies and utilities for all Office365 services.

Getting Started

To access network file storage from on- or off-campus:


Visit or contact the Help Desk with questions:, 610-526-7440, Canaday first floor.


Network file storage is available any time.

Help with network file storage is available whenever the Help Desk is open:


Server accounts policy:

Account access for graduating students:

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