Moodle: Merged Site for Multi-Section Course

By default, Bionic creates Moodle course shells for every section of multi-section course. If you plan to use the same materials and assignments for multiple sections, you can request a single "merged" course shell that includes participants from all of those sections. Any enrollment changes made during add or drop period will update the participant list in the merged course as well as the section courses. 

Getting Started

  1. Get the course numbers (e.g. BIOLB101) and section numbers (00A, 00B, etc.) for the courses you want us to merge.
  2. Decide whether you want to create groups within the course for the sections. Section groups can be useful if you need to communicate with sections separately or limit access to some resources or activities by section (ex., if sections are focusing on different case studies or you want to set up a Forum for within-section discussions).    
  3. Click Request a Merged Course and fill out the form.

A member of the Educational and Scholarly Technology team will contact you once the merged course is ready or if they have questions.

Request a Merged Site


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