Moodle: Copy Old Course into New Shell

Copying material from old courses into a new shell enables you to reuse course activities, resources or question banks. How you do this depends on the age of the course you are copying:

  • Fall 2020 and newer courses are on Moodle:
  • Fall 2017-summer 2020 courses are archived: 
    • Instructors must click request course copy to them copied into a current Moodle course.
    • We do not have copies of content older than Fall 2017. 
  • Personal backup (.mbz) files

Getting Started

You will need to know the COURSE SUBJECT and NUMBER (e.g., ANTH B101) and the TERM (e.g., Spring 2022) of both the SOURCE (course to copy FROM) and DESTINATION (course to copy TO) courses. If either course has multiple sections, note WHICH section(s) should be copied to/from.

  1. Click the Request course copy.
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. Click Submit

A member of the Educational and Scholarly Technology team will contact when the copy is complete or if we have questions.

Request Course Copy


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