Moodle: Copy Content into a New Course


  • Copying content from older Moodle course sites into newer ones enables Teachers to reuse course Activities, Resources, and Question Banks.
  • Copying is the only way to reuse materials created within Moodle, such as Quizzes or Lessons. If your course materials consist primarily of PDF files, documents, or media files, there may be other ways to reuse or share these materials across multiple courses that would be more convenient. Educational and Scholarly Technology is happy to consult with you to figure out the best method for your particular needs.   
  • Copies that LITS makes will include all Course Resources (e.g., Lessons, Pages, Links, Files) and Activities (e.g., Forums, Quizzes, Assignments). They will NOT include any student grades, data, forum posts or file uploads, or any course blocks.
  • Software evolves, and LITS cannot guarantee that course backup files made in older versions of Moodle or on different Moodle instances (i.e., at another college) will always successfully import into newer Moodle versions. Please see our Moodle Policy about the length of time courses will be available. If you anticipate needing to reuse Moodle materials that are more than two years old, please consult with Educational and Scholarly Technology to work out a process for archiving them that is most likely to ensure success.  

Getting Started

  • You can copy materials yourself using Import or Sharing Cart (to copy from courses that are still on Moodle) or Restore (to import a backup of a course that is no longer on Moodle or on MoodleArchive into Moodle). 
  • If you need to copy materials from another Teacher's course, ask them to enroll you in that course as a Teacher or save a Backup copy. 
  • If you would like LITS to copy materials for you, click the Request Service Button above, and enter the information requested about the courses you wish to copy materials FROM and TO in the fields provided. Note: Please be precise! Over 600 academic course shells are created in Moodle every semester and titles can be very similar. We really need the course number (HIST B300) and term (e.g. Spring 2019) to ensure we get the right one.   
  • A member of the Educational and Scholarly Technology team will contact you once course is ready or if they have questions. If you do not have a Teacher role in the course you ask us to copy materials from, we will need to contact the Teachers in that course for permission before we make the copy.   


  • Detailed instructions for copying courses are available at the links above.
  • Email questions to Questions sent via the Help Desk will go the entire Educational and Scholarly Technology team, ensuring someone can get back to you as quickly as possible. 
  • Set up an appointment with a member of the Educational and Scholarly Technology team. We are happy to help you learn how to use Moodle's copying options, figure out the best ways to archive and reuse the kinds of course materials you work with, or figure out the best way to share Moodle resources and course materials among colleagues. 


  • Anyone with a Teacher role in a Moodle site can copy materials into it or request that LITS do this for them. 
  • You will also need to have a Teacher role in the course you are copying materials from, a back-up of that course, or permission of someone with a Teacher role. 
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