Change your College Password


Your College password allows you access to and ensures the protection of many on-campus services. It locks and unlocks your College-owned computer and gives you access not only to the hard drive, but also your network drives, including your personal drive and any departmental or shared folders to which you have access. It keeps others out of your email and calendar, protecting your communications, personal data and address book.

Giving people access to your accounts exposes you to a risk of identity theft, snooping, or taking actions on your behalf.

  • Bryn Mawr College passwords do not expire automatically.
  • You can change your password at any time.
  • Passwords may not be reused.
  • LITS will disable access to accounts that have not been used for more than 180 days. Contact the Help Desk to re-enable your account.
  • If LITS detects a problem with your account, we may require you to change your password to protect it.

To keep your password safe:

  1. Use a passphrase – a natural language phrase that’s easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.
  2. Do not share your password with anyone. This includes family, friends and coworkers. If it feels like you must, ask us — there is always another solution.
  3. If you think anyone else has access to your password, change it immediately.
  4. Be careful about saving passwords on your computer. Not all programs keep your passwords in a secure location, and saving passwords in them can compromise your security. If you don’t know how the program saves your password, don’t save it.
  5. Always lock your computer when you leave it, and log out of any public, lab, or classroom computer. Staying logged in on an unlocked computer is the same as giving your password to anyone who walks by.

Please note: Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges share a password and account management tool. You may see this password referred to as your Bi-Co password, and you may receive password reset notifications from an email address.

Getting Started

Reset and manage your College password online via the Bi-Co Password and Account Management Kiosk or by contacting the Help Desk.


Instructions for changing your password online

If you believe your password may have been compromised, change it immediately and contact the Help Desk at 610-526-7440.

If you're having trouble resetting your password, contact the Help Desk.


Help is available during Help Desk open hours.


Password Policy

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