Recording Lectures, Talks or Instructional Video


LITS offers a range of options for recording lectures, talks, and instructional video: 

  • Panopto lecture capture system: Bryn Mawr subscribes to a cloud-based lecture capture and video streaming system that makes it easier for faculty, students and staff to record lectures, talks and course-related instructional video. Panopto records audio of the speaker, a screencast of whatever is presented on screen or overhead, and (if desired) video, and streams them simultaneously on playback.
  • Self-service recording and editing: Bryn Mawr faculty, students and staff can also check out video cameras and can use video-editing software available on all campus machines to record and edit their own video. For more information see Equipment Lending & Facilities > Borrow Multimedia Equipment and Specialized Applications & Services > Image and Video Editing.

Getting Started

Panopto lecture capture system: You can use Panopto on any computer that is equipped with a microphone. If you want to record video as well as a screencast, a camera must be connected to the computer as well.

Not all classrooms have been equipped with cameras and microphones for lecture capture. To find ones that are, go to the Technology-Enabled Classrooms webpage, click on a building, and look for classrooms with "lecture capture" in the listing.  

To start a recording on a classroom computer:

  1. Log into Moodle and click the Course Settings link in the Panopto block.
  2. Choose the Moodle option when logging in. 
  3. Log in using your college username and password.
  4. Choose the course to which you wish to upload the recording and (optionally) give the recording a title.
  5. Click Record.

If you are using a computer that does not already have Panopto installed, you will be prompted to download the recording software if it is not already installed.


New to Panopto? The Educational and Scholarly Technology team is happy to help you get set up and oriented. Click Request Help with Panopto above.

Self-help tools: 

For problems with Panopto recordings or troubleshooting support, click Request Help with Panopto and provide a description of the problem. Panopto support involves coordination across campus systems and LITS departments, and your description can help us connect you to the appropriate person.

For more information on available support for the multimedia equipment loan pool and video-editing software, see Equipment Lending & Facilities > Borrow Multimedia Equipment and Specialized Applications & Services > Image and Video Editing.


Panopto lecture capture system. Access to Panopto is currently accessed through Moodle or through the direct link to Panopto:

  • Any Bryn Mawr College community member is able to record or upload video to their personal Panopto folder ("My Folder") and create new folders to share video with others.
  • Anyone with a Teacher role in a Bryn Mawr Moodle site will be able to record video to the Panopto folder for that course.
  • Anyone with a Registered Student or Auditor role in a Moodle site will be able to view recordings saved to the Panopto folder for that course.

Teachers can also enable student recording privileges within courses and get a "public link" to share recordings with people outside of a Moodle course.

Self-service recording and editing. Panopto acts as a basic video editor for anyone who has Creator access to videos. Additionally, all Bryn Mawr faculty, students and staff can check out recording equipment from Canaday Library during normal operating hours. See Equipment Lending & Facilities > Borrow Multimedia Equipment for details. For basic video-editing tasks, iMovie (Mac) and MovieMaker (Windows), which come pre-installed or are available for download on most computers, will be sufficient. For more advanced work, Adobe Premiere is available on all public and lab computers and can be installed on faculty and staff computers on request. See Specialized Applications & Services > Image and Video Editing  for details. 


Please see our Panopto Service Policy, which includes Terms of Use, Data Collection Policy, and Record Retention for Panopto. 

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