Moodle: New Non-Academic Course


  • Request a non-academic course site, such as an organization site for a club or committee or a sandbox site for experimentation and testing.
  • Non-academic Moodle sites have the same features and functionality as academic course sites:
    • Access can be limited to people enrolled in the site.  
    • You can set up Activities such as Forums, Quizzes, and Questionnaires to solicit information from course participants or enable them to collaborate.
    • You can create multi-page informational Resources (Lessons and Books).   
  • Full participation in Moodle requires a Bi-Co userID and password, although Swarthmore affiliates can be given access in certain cases. Although you can enable Guest Access to make Course Resources visible to people outside the Tri-Co, guests cannot participate in course activities.   
  • If you need a place for a group of people to share files and/or links, a OneDrive folder or a bibliographic tool like Zotero, may be a better option, particularly if some participants are outside the Bi-Co. The Educational and Scholarly Technology team is happy to consult with you to find the best tool for your needs. 

Getting Started

  • Click on the button to Request a Non-Academic Course and fill out the form.
  • A member of the Educational and Scholarly Technology team will contact you once course is ready or if they have questions.  



  • This service is available to all Bryn Mawr College faculty, staff, and students who need to a site with the Moodle features described above. 
  • This service is for non-academic courses only. The Registrar's Office creates academic courses.  
Request Non-Academic Course


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