Computer help (personally-owned computers)


Help Desk support for computers owned by current Bryn Mawr College faculty, staff, and students is available for issues involving connectivity to the Bryn Mawr College network at no charge. LITS staff may provide additional advice or basic troubleshooting at no charge in relation to other kinds of problems with personally-owned computers, but such assistance is not guaranteed.

Additional services are available with associated fees via a Personal Computer Service Request.  Placing a request requires an appointment with a Help Desk full-time staff member; please contact the Help Desk for an appointment before bringing your computer in.  Please expect that you will need to spend at least 15 minutes (and possibly more) to detail and demonstrate your problem. 

As time allows, Help Desk staff may also be available to help troubleshoot problems on or answer questions about student computers alongside their owners. Should the issue prove to be more complicated than can be resolved with this type of service, we will recommend that you make a Personal Service Request (above) for an appointment with a Help Desk full-time staff member.

Available Personal Computer Services include:

  • Virus/Spyware/Malware scanning and cleaning
  • Hardware upgrade or replacement
  • Operating System Reinstall
  • File Backup or Recovery
  • General Diagnostics

Additional terms, service descriptions, and a fee schedule are available from Help Desk staff.  Costs range from $25-$75 per service.

Anticipate that LITS will have your computer for approximately one week; some problems may take longer to resolve if they are complex, or if request volume is high. LITS technicians can decline to perform requested service if they feel the problem cannot be resolved with the resources available to them, or if other factors prohibit the timely and correct completion of the request.

Getting Started

Contact the Help Desk for an appointment before bringing a computer in for service:, 610-526-7440.


Personal computer services are available by request and as staffing allows.

Request Service


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