Video and audio editing and equipment


LITS offers a range of software that can be used for editing audio and video files you've created or making audio and video clips to use in a course.

Software and hardware for video editing and video capture is available in the Digital Media and Collaboration Lab in Carpenter.

Getting Started

Audio editing: Audacity is a widely used free tool that is available on all library lab computers and can be downloaded here:

Video editing: iMovie and Windows Moviemaker are free and suitable for many video editing projects. iMovie comes pre-installed on most Macintoshes. Windows Movie Maker is free for Windows users, and can be downloaded from Microsoft's web-site if is not pre-installed.  

For more advanced or complex projects, Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud and Adobe AfterEffects Creative Cloud are available on public lab computers and can be downloaded to college-owned faculty and staff machines. Computers in the Digital Media and Collaboration Lab are best equipped to handle video editing. 

Contact the Help Desk to request Adobe Premiere or After Effects for a college-owned computer: or 610-526-7440.



The Digital Media and Collaboration Lab is open during Carpenter library hours.

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