Request Account Access and Changes


Your College username and password can give you access to a variety of services. Supervisors may request additional access for departmental employees as needed.

Some individuals have multiple roles. While there is no "primary" role designation, anyone with multiple roles carries the access provided by each of those roles combined. This means that the least restrictive role prevails. One person will not receive more than one account/username because they have multiple roles.

When a person changes departments or roles, access switches that day; previous access that is no longer appropriate for the new role is not retained.

Getting Started

Supervisors and sponsors: request additional access and changes by clicking the button at the right. Include the following information in your request:

  • What system the individual needs to access
  • What particular resources are being requested
  • What level/type of access is required

Supervisors and sponsors are also responsible for asking that access is removed when it is no longer needed, and should do so by following the procedure above.


If you have concerns about a community member's accounts or access, please contact the appropriate administrative office first. Visit or contact the Help Desk, or 610-526-7440 with questions.


All requests must be made in writing by a relevant supervisor. If you request additional access, you will need to request the removal of that access if a person departs or their role changes.

Server Accounts and Access

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