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BiONiC / PeopleSoft Campus Solutions application sign on and support information

Suggest a revision to the LITS Website or this Service Catalog.

Not sure where to go? Ask your question here and we'll help you navigate to the right place.

Propose a library or information technology project.

LITS provides and supports all classroom technologies. Multimedia Services provides information to help you meet your usage requirements, and will coordinate procurement and delivery of equipment.

LITS provides support for flexible and inexpensive forms of teleconferencing in which video and voice are transmitted over the Internet.

Consult with LITS staff on the preservation and use of the College's historical records.

LITS provides a tech trash disposal service for computers and related hardware - don't throw it away!

Use the voicemail system to check and manage messages.

LITS provides support for many computer hardware issues. If your College-owned computer is not working the way you expect it to, contact us.

Consult with LITS staff on using artworks, cultural artifacts, rare books and manuscripts in class sessions or for course projects.

A supervisor may request changes to PeopleSoft security on behalf of their direct reports.

Bryn Mawr faculty, staff and students may access their College email from a computer or mobile device using a web browser or the device's native email application.

Make an appointment with a LITS staff member prior to technology-related contracts, agreements, and purchases.

In specific instances, username change requests will be considered. LITS does not accept requests for specific usernames.

Ask the Help Desk!

Bryn Mawr College subscribes to a wide variety of streaming video services and provides help with their use.

LITS staff are available to help scan and catalog images for classroom instruction and to provide access to Bryn Mawr's image database, ARTstor.

Request iPads for curricular use in workshops or courses.

LITS purchases computers for community members with department, grant, or research funds and provides access to discounts for buying personal computers.

How to get help in the library.

Join Friends of the Library for an opportunity to contribute to the life of the Library and the College.

LITS offers support to Bryn Mawr College community members with questions about Copyright.

Use BIONC to register for courses, view your paycheck, enter grades, enroll in employee benefits, view budget reports, and more.