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Services related to teleconferencing, or phone calls involving more than two parties.

Consult with LITS staff on mounting exhibitions on campus. Learn more about current and past displays, including online exhibitions.

Faculty or staff may reserve the entire lab for a class meeting or other academic event. The lab is open to individuals and groups when not reserved.

LITS offers a range of options for recording lectures, talks, and instructional video, including the Tegrity lecture capture system for recording in classrooms, a recording equipment loan pool and editing software, and professional Multimedia Services.

Propose a library or information technology project.

Consult with Web Services to create and/or edit Bryn Mawr College web pages.

Help Desk support for computers owned by current Bryn Mawr College faculty, staff, and students is available for issues involving connectivity to the Bryn Mawr College network. Additional fee-based services are available.

Visitors to campus may request temporary access to campus wireless.

LITS provides Information about digital mapping tools and ways to learn more about them.

Consult with LITS staff about the preservation of cultural material, both physical objects and digital objects.

Moodle is Bryn Mawr's Learning Management System (LMS). It can be used to share materials with, quiz, survey and communicate with any closed-membership group. Sites are available for all academic courses and for student, faculty and staff committees and organizations.

LITS supports several rooms on campus that are equipped with video data projection, slide projection, sound system and environmental control systems.

PeopleSoft Human Capital Management sign on and support information

We can help you find and/or develop interactive digital learning materials and integrate them into courses or programs in ways that enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.

College accounts lock after too many failed login attempts. They unlock automatically after 10 minutes.

BiONiC / PeopleSoft Campus Solutions application sign on and support information

Use Tri-College Libraries Research Guides when beginning your research, to learn more about research tools and methods, and for guides specifically tailored to academic courses.

LITS provides Qualtrics survey software for academic purposes.

Reset your College password online or by contacting the Help Desk.

Bryn Mawr faculty, staff and students may access their College email from a computer or mobile device using a web browser or the device's native email application.

Groups in Office 365 let you choose a set of people that you wish to collaborate with and easily set up a collection of resources for those people to share. You don’t have to worry about manually assigning permissions to all those resources because adding members to the group automatically gives them the permissions they need to the tools your group provides.

Use Tripod to search Tri-College library resources. Millions of items are available electronically or in print at one or more Tri-College library.

LITS offers consultative support for a wide range of quantitative and qualitative data analysis needs and methodologies.

Get help with keeping citations organized and formatting bibliographies.

Library items that are being processed and are not yet on the shelf can usually be expedited by request.