Educational Technology

Access to and support for technologies and services to enhance the educational experience.

Services (10)

Blended Learning

We can help you find and/or develop interactive digital learning materials and integrate them into courses or programs in ways that enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.

Classroom Response/Audience Polling Systems

Bryn Mawr faculty, students and staff have access to a number of classroom response/polling systems (aka "clicker" systems) that allow speakers to get real-time anonymous or identified feedback from an audience in real time.

Designing and Supporting Digital Assignments

We can help you incorporate technology into digital course assignments and identify technologies to address pedagogical and curricular challenges and goals.

Digital Media and Collaboration Lab

Students, faculty and staff can use the space. It can be reserved for classroom use by faculty and staff.


Moodle is Bryn Mawr's Learning Management System (LMS). It can be used to share materials with, quiz, survey and communicate with any closed-membership group. Sites are available for all academic courses and for student, faculty and staff committees and organizations.

Moodle: Copy Content into a New Course

Copying content from older Moodle course sites into a newer ones enables Teachers to reuse course Activities, Resources, and Question Banks.

Moodle: Merged Site for Multi-Section Course

By default, Bionic creates a Moodle course shell for each section of course. A Teacher using the same materials and assignments in multiple sections can request or create a single "merged" course which includes all students from those sections.

Moodle: New Non-Academic Course

Request a non-academic course site in Moodle for a club, committee, or organization.

Recording Lectures, Talks or Instructional Video

LITS offers a range of options for recording lectures, talks, and instructional video, including the Panopto lecture capture system for recording in classrooms, a recording equipment loan pool and editing software.

Streaming video

Bryn Mawr College subscribes to a wide variety of streaming video services and provides help with their use.