Account logins, password resets, and compromised accounts.

Services (8)

Change your College Password

Reset and manage your College password online or by contacting the Help Desk.

Compromised accounts

Report suspicious activity with your Bryn Mawr account immediately.

Guest Access to Wireless

Visitors to campus may request temporary access to campus wireless.

Lab computer logins for visitors

For quick web access, there are web-only kiosks in each library and the Campus Center. To log into a computer, visitors can visit the Help Desk to receive a guest username and password for use on campus.

Request a Security Token

Many of the College's online services require clients to provide a second factor of authentication (in addition to username and password) at login. A Security Token generates a one-time password that can be used as this second factor. Request one here.

Request a username change

In specific instances, username change requests will be considered. LITS does not accept requests for specific usernames.

Request Account Access and Changes

Your College username and password can give you access to a variety of services. Supervisors may request additional access for departmental employees as needed.

Unlock your account

College accounts lock after too many failed login attempts. They unlock automatically after 10 minutes.