My Recently Visited Services

Domain of One's Own provides Bryn Mawr College students, faculty, and staff with an Internet domain where they can build their own websites using tools like WordPress, Omeka, Scalar or MediaWiki.

Use the College phone system to make on- and off-campus calls.

Use TriArte to View over 30,000 objects from the Art & Artifact Collections, plus objects from Haverford and Swarthmore Colleges.

Digital reproductions of materials in the collection are offered for research, publication, and, where possible, commercial use.

Moodle ( is the College's learning management system (LMS). Course materials and online course activities like quizzes or forums for academic courses can be found there.

Ask the Help Desk!

Bryn Mawr faculty, staff and students may request additions to the library collection.

A limited number of carrels are available in Canaday for student use.

Web Services works with members of the community to create and maintain blogs for courses, organizations, and individuals.

LITS has a limited number of laptops and iPads available to lend to faculty and staff.

LITS can content from old Moodle courses into a new ones if you need to reuse course activities, resources, or question banks.

Request an email listserv (also sometimes known as a mailing list)

BiONiC / PeopleSoft Campus Solutions application sign on and support information

Suggest a revision to the LITS Website or this Service Catalog.

Use software and scanners in Canaday, Carpenter and Collier libraries for image and video editing; visit the Digital Media Collaboration Lab in Carpenter for hands-on help.

LITS staff provide consultation for departments regarding third-party web services, including evaluating technical needs and vendor support.

LITS provides Information about digital mapping tools and ways to learn more about them.

Request a new Microsoft Team.

Bryn Mawr faculty and staff can request configuration changes to office and department phone numbers and functionality.

If your College-owned computer is due for replacement, request a new computer here.

Consult with LITS staff on using artworks, cultural artifacts, rare books and manuscripts in class sessions or for course projects.

Get help collecting data using web forms.

LITS provides support for many computer hardware issues. If your College-owned computer is not working the way you expect it to, contact us.

​​​​​​​Carpenter has a limited number of carrels for graduate students and seniors majoring in classics, cities, archaeology and history of art.

Your College username and password can give you access to a variety of services. Supervisors may request additional access for departmental employees as needed.