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Propose a library or information technology project.

​​​​​​​Carpenter has a limited number of carrels for graduate students and seniors majoring in classics, cities, archaeology and history of art.

A limited number of carrels are available in Canaday for student use.

Moodle is Bryn Mawr's Learning Management System (LMS). It can be used to share materials with, quiz, survey and communicate with any closed-membership group. Sites are available for all academic courses and for student, faculty and staff committees and organizations.

Request an email listserv (also sometimes known as a mailing list)

The libraries keep course materials behind the circulation desk for short-term access. Faculty may request in-library reserves at one of Bryn Mawr's three libraries.

We can help you find and/or develop interactive digital learning materials and integrate them into courses or programs in ways that enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.

Many of the College's online services require clients to provide a second factor of authentication (in addition to username and password) at login. A Security Token generates a one-time password that can be used as this second factor. Request one here.

Community members may add lab printers to a personal computer.

Bryn Mawr faculty, staff and students may access their College email from a computer or mobile device using a web browser or the device's native email application.

LITS staff are available to consult and partner with members of the Bryn Mawr College community on a wide variety of information and technology work.

If your College-owned computer is due for replacement, request a new computer here.

Use an email distribution group if you need people to be able to email a "non-person" address to reach one or more individuals.

Request an archival reproduction of an item from the Bryn Mawr College collection.

Copying content from older Moodle course sites into a newer ones enables Teachers to reuse course Activities, Resources, and Question Banks.

By default, Bionic creates a Moodle course shell for each section of course. A Teacher using the same materials and assignments in multiple sections can request or create a single "merged" course which includes all students from those sections.

Request a non-academic course site in Moodle for a club, committee, or organization.

Come to Canaday to borrow a laptop from the Help Desk.

Reset and manage your College password online or by contacting the Help Desk.

Domain of One's Own provides Bryn Mawr College students, faculty, and staff with an Internet domain where they can build their own websites using tools like WordPress, Omeka, Scalar or MediaWiki.

How to get help in the library.