Support for College and personally-owned computers. Includes technology purchasing and mobile devices.

Services (8)

Add a student to a networked printer

LITS provides access to College-owned printers for student employees.

Computer help (College-owned computers)

LITS provides support for many computer hardware issues. If your College-owned computer is not working the way you expect it to, contact us.

Computer help (personally-owned computers)

Help Desk support for computers owned by current Bryn Mawr College faculty, staff, and students is available for a number of issues, including connectivity to the Bryn Mawr College network and some basic troubleshooting. Support availability is subject to the availability of Help Desk staff.

Dispose of tech trash

LITS provides a tech trash disposal service for computers and related hardware - don't throw it away!

Install, move, or remove a College-owned computer

LITS maintains the Campus' computer replacement program, which provides one computer or appropriate access to a computer for each employee with a work-related need. We install, move, and remove College-owned computers by request - please do not move them on your own.

Mobile device help

LITS offers limited help with mobile devices.

Printing to network printers from a personal computer

Community members may add lab printers to a personal computer.

Purchase technology equipment

LITS purchases computers for community members with department, grant, or research funds and provides access to discounts for buying personal computers.