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Collections, Preservation & Publishing

Art, artifact, manuscript and archival, and book collections for teaching and research.

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Create an online journal or conference website

Use the College's open access repository to host an electronic journal or a conference website.

Digital collections

Digital Collections at Bryn Mawr College feature materials such as photographs, maps, newspapers, letters, reports and other media from Special Collections and Visual Resources.


Consult with LITS staff on mounting exhibitions on campus.

History of womens education

LITS is home to The Albert M. Greenfield Digital Center for the History of Women's Education, which aims to foster scholarship and dialogue on the history of women's education by providing a digital space that will act as a locus for inquiry and research into these diverse histories.

Images of objects from the Art & Artifact Collection

Use TriArte to View over 30,000 objects from the Art & Artifact Collections, plus objects from Haverford and Swarthmore Colleges.

Imaging & Publication Services

Digital reproductions of materials in the collection are offered for research, publication, and commercial use.

Preservation of cultural material

Consult with LITS staff about the preservation of cultural material, both physical objects and digital objects.

Reproductions of items from the collection

Request an archival reproduction of an item from the Bryn Mawr College collection.

Special collections materials for courses

Consult with LITS staff on using artworks, cultural artifacts, rare books and manuscripts in class sessions or for course projects.