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Websites & Blogs

Help with College web pages and blogs including Web Steward support and site development consultation.

Services (6)

Consult with LITS staff about data integration

Get help integrating data into the College web site.

Consult with LITS staff about designing a new web site

Get help with new web site projects.

Consult with LITS staff about third-party web services

LITS staff provide consultation for departments regarding third-party web services, including evaluating technical needs and vendor support.

Get help with a website in the College template

Consult with Web Services to create and/or edit Bryn Mawr College web pages.

Get help with Bryn Mawr Blogs (Wordpress)

Web Services works with members of the community to create and maintain blogs for courses, organizations, and individuals.

Get help with web forms

Get help collecting data using web forms.