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Digital Bryn Mawr Seed Grant

Digital Bryn Mawr seed grants are intended to advance engagement with digital technologies. They may be used to support related professional development opportunities; to co-sponsor symposia or other events; and to support digital teaching, learning, or research-focused projects of all kinds, including digital scholarship and blended learning projects.

Priority will be given to proposals that foreground collaborations among proposers and members of Library and Information Technology Services (LITS), and thereby help to build a supportive community of faculty, staff, and students engaged in digital pedagogy and scholarship.

We welcome proposals from absolute beginners, seasoned experts, and everyone in between. We welcome project ideas of different scopes and at every stage in development, from a well-defined digital assignment design project which could be completed in a single month, to a long-term digital scholarship projects that might ultimately require discovery, prototyping, and application for external grants to complete.

Allowable requests include, but are not limited to:

  • LITS staff support and undergraduate or graduate student staff support
  • Funding for software, courseware, or hardware for pilot projects; outside contractor services; related professional development (e.g., workshops, training courses, or conference participation); teaching, learning, or research events (e.g. hosting symposia or guest speakers); experiential educational trips for courses; research activities conducted during sabbaticals (not to be used for compensation)

Seed grants cannot be used to fund software and hardware purchases beyond a pilot phase, stipends (including summer salary) for the proposer, or course buyouts or releases.

Getting Started

  • Applicants are strongly advised to consult with a relevant LITS staff member prior to submitting a proposal. In addition to answering any questions, we can to help you think through your project plans and identify junctures at which you will need support to realize your goals.
  • Not sure who to contact or whether your idea is appropriate for a seed grant? Please email Jenny Spohrer and/or Alicia Peaker, and we can help!
  • Download the attached Digital Bryn Mawr Seed Grant Application Questions document to preview the application form. You may want to draft your answers into this document and paste them into the form. 
  • Click the Apply for Seed Grant to fill out your proposal form. 
  • [[Save/Submit/Print]]
  • Proposals for professional development opportunities and co-sponsorship of events will be reviewed on a rolling basis. All other proposals will be reviewed by the Teaching, Learning, and Research (TLR) Leadership Team three times per year:
    • October 15th
    • February 15th
    • April 15th
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​Applicants will be notified of decisions within 30 days of the deadline.​​​​​​​

Post-Award Information & Requirements

Successful applicants for seed grants are required to:

  • Collaborate with members of Library and Information Technology Services (LITS).
  • Allow LITS to publish brief descriptions of the project and the names of project team members.
  • Share experiences with your colleagues and/or the Bryn Mawr College community through college events (e.g. Tech Talks, Works in Progress lunches, Colloquium for Visual Culture, Blended Learning in the Liberal Arts Conference, Digital Scholarship Communities of Learning, departmental lecture series, etc.).
  • Submit updates each semester and a final, short report [link coming soon].
  • Be open to future participation in the further development of the digital pedagogy and scholarship community at Bryn Mawr by serving as a mentor or collaborator for other faculty, staff, and graduate students and/or by assuming leadership roles in college committees and programs relevant to digital scholarship and pedagogy.