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Carrels for student use: Canaday


  • A limited number of carrels in Canaday are available to Bryn Mawr College community members.
  • Canaday B7 and B8 are designated for prelim exams
  • Canaday 305 and 308 are video viewing carrels

Getting Started


Visit or contact the Canaday Circulation Desk:, 610-526-5276, Canaday First Floor.


  • Beginning on September 1st, seniors and graduate students may apply for a carrel in Canaday for the academic year.
  • Graduate students may book a prelim carrel in Canaday for up to 5 hours for test-taking.


Beginning on September 1st, seniors and graduate students may apply for a carrel in Canaday for the academic year. Canaday carrels are assigned randomly, though students may indicate a floor preference which the library will try to honor. Once a carrel has been assigned, students are notified via email of the assignment and must come to the circulation desk in Canaday to sign a carrel agreement. All other students and staff members may apply for a carrel starting on October 1st.

Requests sent early (before September 1st for seniors and graduate students before and October 1st for all other patrons) will not be honored. Patrons who need special accommodations with regards to carrel location, etc, should contact Access Services.

Circulation will keep a list of all carrel assignments. All carrels that have been “saved” without an official assignment will be cleared of all belongings.

Carrel assignments stay in place for one academic year. All carrels must be cleared out by the Monday after Commencement so that we can perform routine maintenance and upkeep. You can reapply for the same carrel the next year, but we cannot guarantee that it will be available for you.

Do not leave valuables or materials that have not been checked out in your carrel. Library items left in carrels that have not been checked out will be re-shelved by library staff. Items left in carrels by those who have graduated will be removed during the summer.

Do not use or keep any appliances or decorations that could be fire hazards at your carrel. These include string lights, electric tea kettles, coffee makers, etc.

You may not store your belongings in prelim or video viewing carrels.

Library Circulation and Access Policies:

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